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Organization Website About
Women And Climate A community for women interested in talking about climate! No climate experience necessary!
African Youth4Climate
Airminers specialist industry group, carbon removal
BlackOak Collective
Clean Energy for America
CleanTechies Slack
Change Maker Exchange Networking and meetings for solid environmentalist connections
Climate Change Mitigation
Climate Designers
Climate Tech Japan
Change Makers tools for climate action endorsed by Rollie in Climate Town
ClimateHack Meetups
Climate Town's knowledge hub A resourced developed through CLimate Town's Discord and built on github. Resource for action and education
Crowdsourcing Sustainability
ClimatEU Slack
Climatizers Slack Channel
Common Objective
Creatives for the Climate
DC Ecowomen
DER Task Force
Diversity in Sustainability
Environmental Professional Community of Australia
Farmer's Footprint
Green Jobs Network
GreenPushers Community
Greentech Noir
Jobs4Climate fix
Leafr Talent
MCJ Collective
Moms Clean Air Taskforce
New Energy Network
NY Climate Tech
Open Air Collective
Open Carbon Practice
OpenDoorClimate Mentorship and open office hours connecting people in climate careers to those seeking
Opportunities for Youth
Out in Climate
The Climate Almanac
Common Action Canada
Tofu Climate Marketers
Leaders For Climate Action 3,000+ Support for Sustainability Managers and best practices within roles
Entrepreneurs For Impact Support for climate start up founders Deep Community with career training, an app, a connector
Strong Town Transportation Hostile Roads Urban planning
LaneForm Community Redevelopment AI community action and tool
Climate Reality Project Al Gore, inclusive, messaging action
Work In Cimate Large Resource Job Boards Guidance Community partnerships
Good Ripple a community of change-makers and network with passionate people who are ready to make an impact in the world and take action
The Bloom Newsletter, home for changemakers. Their membership community is a place for connection, growth and joy across social impact.
Greentech Alliance brings together green technology businesses, that fight climate change with their products and services in the most responsible and respectful to our planet manner.
Top Tier Impact (TTI) the network of investors, entrepreneurs and professionals focused on solving the critical issues of our time.
Work on Climate building the workforce humanity needs to solve climate change equitably and justly.
ClimateU the platform and community for anyone who wants to dedicate their career to fighting climate change, and for those who do so already
Creatives for Climate Network a nonprofit global network of creative professionals dedicated to climate justice.
Women in CSR creating a supportive space for professional women in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability to exchange ideas, create community, and share passions.
Conscious Marketing Movement an online community that brings purpose-driven entrepreneurs and conscious marketers together to learn, connect and grow so that we can create social impact and profits
Launchpad a kind business community designed for startups and scale-ups, with good ethics first.
The Matcha Initiative - an ecosystem of and for individuals in their professional lives, to empower all to take action for a change benefiting all.