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Title Venue Subjects Website
Breaking Boundaries Doc. Netflix 2021 Sir David Attenborough 9 planetary boundaries
An Inconvenient Truth Doc. Al Gore 2001 Introduction to the seriousness of Climate Change from Al Gore
Before The Flood Doc. DeCaprio 2016 Climate Change Awareness
Chasing Ice Doc. YouTube ~2013 Timelapse of glacier retreats over just a few years
Chasing Coral Doc. Netflix 2017 Between 2014 – 2017, Chasing Coral captured the most severe bleaching event in recorded history
MJC Climate Collective Multiple Channels


interviews with climate professionals @mcjcollective
Pachama YouTube Reforestation projects to remove climate with data and science @pachamaInc
PBS Network 10+ years of documentaries
Climate Town YouTube Humor in detailed story investigations @ClimateTown
Wendover Productions YouTube Explainers HP @Wendoverproductions
Just Have a Think YouTube Very good weekly detailed/science based explainersabout environmental issues
Clean Technica YouTube Explainers New Tech @cleantechnica
Simon Clark YouTube Very good weekly detailed science based explainers about environmental issues
Reneration YouTube @theregenerators
Feeding Tomorrow Film ArtHouse Multi Industry Collaboration using regenerative philosophy to solve food/hunger/climate/health
PBNS Terra YouTube , PBS broadcast US public channel PBS production focusing on climate change and earth science
Climate Adam Youtube Explainer / Distiller ( Climate Science)
Years of living dangerously ( Showtime) Showtime and Youtube Multiyear series with A-list actors and big projects exploring human impact and people working on solutions
Distilled Youtube Very good and "Distilled " Climate explainer