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Add your favorite environment/climate/cleantech-focused investment public market organization (you can also key word search) ** 1) Press edit (TOP BAR), 2) click the last row's cell > 3) click the blue shaded cell ">" 4) click "Insert Row Below" to add a new row below 5) double tap in the cell to type.

It is possible, even with company 401ks to invest in funds and companies that match your values and goals. The following is a table of resources and is not investment advice.

Why and does it actually help? Yes. A non-fossil fuel 401k or a fund focused on your values, which may include investments in renewable energy, clean technology, and environmentally friendly businesses, can help the economy shift towards more sustainable practices in several ways:

1. Promoting innovation and technological advancements: stimulates research, development, innovation and opportunities by putting shareholder pressure on the how as much as the return.

2. Job creation and economic growth: stimulates economic growth, employment opportunities, a economic benefits to communities.

3. Diversification and resilience: Relying heavily on fossil fuel investments can expose the economy to the volatility and uncertainties of the fossil fuel market. Diversifying investments into non-fossil fuel sectors, such as renewable energy, can enhance the resilience of the economy and a portfolio.

4. Mitigating climate change risks: Investing in renewable energy and other sustainable businesses is a risk hedge to climate change issues both as a business risk and also helping reduce emissions causing change.

5. Meeting consumer demand and regulatory requirements: Increasingly, consumers are seeking environmentally friendly products and services. Investing in businesses that prioritize sustainability and operate in line with environmental values are more likely to attract customers and gain a competitive edge. Additionally, as governments implement stricter environmental regulations and incentivize sustainable practices, companies in non-fossil fuel sectors may benefit from compliance and access to subsidies or tax incentives.

Company Focus Web
Etho ETF
Ethic Individual and wealth manager sustainable company research , portfolio and investing tools
Climate Investment Funds Projects, Marketplace
Fossil Fuel Free List Listing funds without fossil fuels ( not pure play)
Carbon Collective Broad Funds with details about pure play sectors
As You Sow Mission is to promote environmental and social corporate responsibility through shareholder advocacy via directly engage corporate CEOs, senior management, and institutional investors. Produces whitepaper shareholder reports on companies about various ESG topics
Fossil Free Funds List of public mutual funds with no fossil fuels, produced by As You Sow
Invest Your Values A derivative of Fossil Free Funds offering retirement funds available at major companies as a choice in 401k
Generation since 2004, Al Gore, Pure Play investment ESG Sustainability Firm
Climetrics ( CDR often in Google finance esg ratings reports) Climetrics rating enables all investors to make well informed decisions; finding funds that invest in companies better at managing material issues related to climate change, water security and deforestation.
Make Money Matter UK UK company reviews for ESG