Make Your OWN List!

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Make Your OWN List! 

To make your own list you will need to

1) Create a profile or sign in

2) Click "Edit Source" in the tabs above

3) Select and Copy the code

4) Type the name of your list into the search bar, and include the word "List" so we can find it! ( "[Micky's] E-Waste Recyclers List" )

2) Click the "Create" tab on the top menu bar

4) Select " Edit Source" and paste the code from this page

5) Save Changes

6) Now Click "Edit" and edit the table as a spreadsheet by double-clicking in the target cell

7) The any cell and then the grey arrows to add columns or rows

Add Text Here
Click the Cell
Click the ">" to add a row or column
Double click the cell to add text
To upload an existing table the following code : Click "edit source" Use "MediaWIki" Syntax to format your data ( Ask ChatGTP)
MediaWiki Table syntax {| class="wikitable sortable" |- ! Website !! URL |- | Green Jobs NL || |- | Green Jobs NL Home || |- | Jobboard WoCcs || |- | Idealist ||}