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Tables of microgrid organizations offering development, education, and technical infrastructure. Please add any microgrid company in any Area! **Add your favorite MicroGrid focused organization (you can also keyword search)

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Startups Offering Microgrid Solutions
Name Description Web URL
Gismo Power LLC Startup focusing on microgrid solutions for sustainable energy management Gismo Power LLC
Thought Labs Company specializing in innovative microgrid technologies and solutions Thought Labs
MicroGrid Energy Design and operate Microgrids using multiple technologies providing energy savings and energy surety. https://www.microgridenergy.biz/
Beyond EV Pty Ltd Startup working on cutting-edge microgrid projects and renewable energy integration Beyond EV Pty Ltd
PavCon, LLC Startup offering microgrid services and solutions for grid resilience and energy efficiency PavCon, LLC
Advanced Renewable Concepts Startup focused on developing advanced renewable energy concepts and microgrid innovations Advanced Renewable Concepts
Gridium Startup providing smart building solutions, including microgrid technology integration Gridium
GridMarket Company specializing in software platforms for optimizing microgrid operations and energy management GridMarket
Blue Pillar Startup offering energy management solutions, including microgrid technology implementation Blue Pillar
Go Electric Startup focused on microgrid solutions for military, commercial, and industrial applications Go Electric
CleanSpark Company providing microgrid control technology and software solutions for energy management CleanSpark
Enchanted Rock Startup specializing in resilient microgrids for critical infrastructure and commercial facilities Enchanted Rock
BlueScape Energy Partners Startup offering microgrid development services and sustainable energy solutions BlueScape Energy Partners
SparkMeter Company providing smart metering solutions for microgrids and energy access initiatives SparkMeter
Scale Microgrid Solutions Startup focused on developing modular microgrid systems for various applications Scale Microgrid Solutions
BoxPower Startup offering containerized solar power systems and microgrid solutions for remote locations BoxPower
Station A Company specializing in AI-driven clean energy solutions, including microgrid optimization Station A
Blue Planet Energy Startup focusing on advanced energy storage solutions, including integration with microgrids Blue Planet Energy
Resilient Power Systems Company providing resilient power systems and microgrid technology for critical infrastructure Resilient Power Systems
Clean Energy Group Non-profit organization working on clean energy initiatives, including microgrid development Clean Energy Group
SparkCognition AI company offering predictive maintenance solutions for various industries, including microgrids SparkCognition
GridBright Company specializing in grid management software, including tools for optimizing microgrid operations GridBright
BlueWave Solar Solar energy company focusing on community solar projects and integrated microgrid solutions BlueWave Solar
Elemental Excelerator Accelerator program supporting startups in clean energy innovation, including microgrid technologies Elemental Excelerator
Leap Startup developing blockchain-based energy trading platforms for decentralized microgrids Leap
Companies and Organizations Working on Microgrids
Name Website Description Category
ABB Global technology company offering solutions for microgrids and sustainable energy management ABB
GE Provider of power generation and distribution equipment, including solutions for microgrid systems GE
Honeywell Diversified technology and manufacturing company offering products for building automation and control, including microgrid solutions Honeywell
Caterpillar Manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines, and microgrid solutions Caterpillar
S&C Electric Provider of equipment and services for electric power systems, including solutions for microgrid integration S&C Electric
Power Analytics Corporation Company specializing in software solutions for energy management, including microgrid analytics Power Analytics Corporation
Guidehouse Insights Research firm providing insights on companies leading in microgrid controls innovation Guidehouse Insights
Caltrans California Department of Transportation conducting research on micromobility and transportation systems Caltrans
Organizations Offering Microgrid Solutions
Name Description Web URL
AlphaStruxure Provides microgrid-enabled Energy as a Service (EaaS) to help companies achieve long-term outcomes on reliability and sustainability AlphaStruxure
Anbaric Specializes in developing large-scale electric transmission and storage systems to strengthen the grid for renewable energy integration Anbaric
Bloom Energy Offers clean, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions for various markets, including residential, commercial, and industrial sectors Bloom Energy
BoxPower Develops turnkey microgrid-plus storage systems that can be dispatched and stored in shipping containers for resilient power solutions BoxPower
Eaton Corporation Leading supplier of power management technologies offering solutions for maximum uptime and energy efficiency, including microgrid applications Eaton Corporation
Gridscape Solutions Focuses on solar-powered-plus-storage microgrids and EV charging systems for greenhouse gas reduction and cost stability with no up-front CapEx Gridscape Solutions
Saft/Go Electric Saft provides storage solutions for solar-diesel and wind-diesel hybrid microgrids, while Go Electric specializes in renewable microgrid solutions Saft/Go Electric
Siemens Produces microgrid clusters with bidirectional power flow feature for optimized energy management and resilience in defined areas Siemens
PowerSecure Offers microgrid systems providing uninterrupted power using redundant energy generation technologies like natural gas engines and solar PV integration PowerSecure
Pareto Energy Focuses on leveraging EVs as a power source with innovative energy trading platforms for fleet owners to monetize their power resources Pareto Energy
GridBright Specializes in grid management software for optimizing microgrid operations and enhancing grid reliability through efficient solutions GridBright
BlueWave Solar Solar energy company focusing on community solar projects and integrated microgrid solutions for sustainable energy generation BlueWave Solar
Leap Develops blockchain-based energy trading platforms for decentralized microgrids, enabling efficient power distribution and management Leap