Seaweed Organizations Carbon Capture List

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Company Website Category Subcategory
Agromar Distribution
Akua Applications Food
Alga Biosciences Farming & harvesting, Applications Feed
Algaia Applications, Processing Plant & soil nutrition, Hydrocolloids
Alganex Distribution
ALGAplus Lda Farming & harvesting
Alginor Processing
Algo Paint Applications Pigments, inks, dyes, coatings
Algolesko (Aleor) Farming & harvesting
Arctic Seaweed Farming & harvesting
Atlantic Sea Farms (Ocean Approved) Farming & harvesting, Applications Food
Barnacle Foods Farming & harvesting, Applications Food
BettaF!sh Applications Food
Bioform Applications Bioplastics
Biomara Applications, Processing Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals
Biotic / Bio-Circular Applications Bioplastics
Blue Ocean Barns Applications, Farming & harvesting Feed
Blue Pet Co. Applications, Farming & harvesting Feed
Botamedi Applications Feed
C-Bio Applications Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Personal care
Canadian Pacifico Seaweeds Farming & harvesting, Applications Plant & soil nutrition
Carbonwave Farming & harvesting, Infrastructure & equipment Personal care, Food
Cascadia Seaweed Farming & harvesting, Applications, Processing Plant & soil nutrition, HABs, Personal care
Cashi Cake (Mysaky Tokyo / Oomee) Farming & harvesting, Applications Food
CH4Global Applications Food
Coast 4C Consulting, Applications, Multi-stakeholder platform
Dutch Weed Burger Applications Food
Eranova Farming & harvesting, Applications Bioplastics, HABs
FlexSea Applications Bioplastics
Froilan Processing Hydrocolloids
FutureFeed Applications Feed
Greener Grazing Farming & harvesting, Infrastructure & equipment Feed
Haeckels Applications Personal care
Happy Ocean Foods Applications Food
Immersion Group (Seascape Restorations) Farming & harvesting Feed
Ínclita Seaweed Solutions Processing
Kaly Group Farming & harvesting, Applications Plant & soil nutrition
Keel Labs (prev. Algiknit) Applications Textiles
Kelp Blue Farming & harvesting
Kelpi Applications Bioplastics
King Tide Carbon Applications, Farming & harvesting Carbon sequestration
Kobb (prev. Bohus SeaCulture) Farming & harvesting Food
Loliware Applications Bioplastics
Lusalgae Farming & harvesting, Applications, Consulting Personal care
Macro Oceans Processing
Mari Oceans Breeding & propagation, Multi-stakeholder platform
Mediterranean Algae Farming & harvesting Personal care, Plant & soil nutrition, Food
Monkeys By The Sea Applications Food
Neptune Elements Applications Food
New Wave Foods Applications Food
Newfish Applications Food
Nordic Seafarm (prev. Kosteralg) Farming & harvesting Food
Noriware Applications Bioplastics
Norwegian Seaweed Production / Fjord Tang Farming & harvesting, Infrastructure & equipment
Notpla Applications Bioplastics, Paper / cardboard
Ocean Harvest Technology Farming & harvesting, Applications Feed
Ocean Rainforest Farming & harvesting
Ocean's Balance Applications Food
Ocean's Halo (New Frontier Foods) Applications Food
Oceanium Applications, Processing Bioplastics, Ingredients & extracts
Olgram Research, Applications Pharmaceuticals
one • five Applications Bioplastics
Origin by Ocean Farming & harvesting, Processing, Applications Personal care
Patagonia Biotecnología (Fertum) Applications, Farming & harvesting Plant & soil nutrition
Phykos Farming & harvesting Carbon sequestration
Polar Algae Farming & harvesting
Pure Algae Infrastructure & equipment
Pure Ocean Algae Farming & harvesting, Applications, Breeding & propagation, Processing Food
Pyratex (Pyrates) Applications Textiles
Rum and Sargassum Applications Energy
Running Tide Farming & harvesting Carbon sequestration
Samudra Oceans Monitoring tech & software
Sea & Believe (formerly Plantruption) Applications, Farming & harvesting Food
Sea Forest Australia Farming & harvesting Feed
Sea6 Energy Farming & harvesting, Applications, Infrastructure & equipment, Processing Hydrocolloids, Feed, Plant & soil nutrition, Bioplastics, Energy
SEADLING Breeding & propagation, Lab analysis, Applications, Farming & harvesting Feed, Plant & soil nutrition
Seafields Farming & harvesting, Applications Carbon sequestration
Seamore Applications Food
SeatechEnergy Infrastructure & equipment
Seaweed Solutions Farming & harvesting, Applications, Infrastructure & equipment
Seawith Link Applications Food
SELT France Biotech (SELT Marine) Link Farming & harvesting, Applications Hydrocolloids
Shore Link Applications Food
Smart Seaweed / oceanfarmr Link Monitoring tech & software
Southern Ocean Carbon Company Link Farming & harvesting
Sway Link Applications Bioplastics
Symbrosia Link Farming & harvesting Feed
Tekslo Seafood (Sjosaker/Sollmar) Link Applications, Farming & harvesting Food, Feed, Personal care, Plant & soil nutrition, Nutraceuticals
The Crop Project Link Processing, Distribution
The Seaweed Company Link Farming & harvesting, Applications Plant & soil nutrition, Food, Feed
The Transformation Factory [1] Applications Nutraceuticals
Uluu [2] Applications Bioplastics
Umaro [3] Applications Food
Urchinomics [4] Conservation & restoration
Vimera Link Applications Personal care
Volta Greentech [5] Applications, Farming & harvesting Feed
Vyld [6] Applications Bioplastics
Zeewaar [7] Farming & harvesting