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Company Focus Web Core Impact area Verifiable (Source) Tons removed
44.01 Removal Mineral
C Trees As a product, remotely observes and reports highly accurate and updated global forest cover (Satellites )
BioCarbon Partners Develops sells carbon credits using community based conservation projects in sub saharan Africa including Zambia
OneTrust Platform data service to manage ESG reporting program management, risk management, and analytics
Fair Carbon Provides step-by-step guides to implement blue carbon projects matched to the requirements of leading carbon standards, and other resources including a map of all registered Blue Carbon Projects
Sustain-Cert Climate Action Verification Platform Software
CarbonCloud One stop platform for the FOOD industry to track carbon across supply chain and reduce emission to achieve net zero targets
Carbon Removal Canada Research, policy advocate, industry resource for carbon removal in Canada
Captur An ecosystem approach to Direct Air Capture using water cooling towers
Elements Elements helps companies meet net-zero goals by measuring and reducing Scope 3 emissions attributed to employees from business travel, commuting, and work from home energy usage
Capture 6 Uses multiple and flexible chemical processes to capture carbon dioxide from the air and either store or sell carbon as an energy product. Yeilds clean water
1PointFive Carbon removal organization, DAC, multi-solution platform for Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS) Air to Fuels tech
3 Degrees REC Marketplace, project development
Air Carbon Marketplace for airlines since 2019
A-Gas Carbon project development of refrigerant removal and destruction projects, refrigerant reclamation and other high GWP gas destruction; active in CARB and Washington state compliance markets as well as Verra and ACR programs
Pollination MRV climate change investment and advisory firm, nature based projects
Anew Credit /Project Development, 400+ projects all types, RECS, Plastic credits, advisory & solutions services
Carbon Technology Research Foundation Funding research on Carbon Dioxide Removal technologies
Anthropogenic Real time monitoring and reporting of assets such as bonds, carbon credits and more in an effort to power a new class of socially and environmentally responsible investment.
Blue Skies Minerals, Inc. Carbonated Mining Tailings Process. Storing atmospheric carbon in mining waste & waste management to remove long-term liabilities (edited)
Air Miner's Boot Camp Community and Education all in one
Arbor (Frontier [Stripe] partner) Forest Waste open field burn Biomass Carbon Removal and Storage (BiCRS)
American Carbon Registry REC Offset marketplace, registry, education
Be Zero Ratings, risk and analysis of carbon projects and credits
Blue Carbon Initiative Industry Collective with many resources re: education and active organizations
Berkley Carbon Trading Project research and outreach program dedicated to studying the effectiveness of carbon trading and offset programs and ensuring that this understanding informs program design.
Brilliant Planet Raising, drying and sequestering algae in desserts using seawater ponds
California Biochar Association Industry group, biochar
Carbon Business Council Industry group/coalition
Arbonics Develops forest carbon credits, afforestation landowners
InPlanet Regenerative Ag global south (soil) Carbon Capture (Rock Powder ) a Frontier organization
Carbon Capture Inc DAC Project Developer ( i.e. Project Bison Wy)
Carbon Drawdown Initiative
Climate Impact X Carbon Trading marketplace powered by NASDAQ
Carbon Collective Stocks Public company investment funds
Carbon Engineering DAC by pulling in atmospheric air through a series of chemical reactions, then extracts and stores compressed carbon dioxide (CO2)
Solid Carbon Products Solid Carbon Products has technology to convert waste CO₂ into commercially viable Noyes Carbon™, with only pure water as a byproduct. ( Not a creator of credits, just products like carbon black and carbon fibre)
Carbon Future Track, Marketplace, Consultation MRV+ Fisrt, Biochar specialists (with Puro and MircoSoft )
Cambridge Center for Carbon Credits research, education, Web3 Texos, market analysis
Carbon Credit Capital Marketplace
CDR (Carbon Dioxide Removal) Carbon Removal database , tools, map
Ceezer Carbon management platform, market, finance, Credit /Project Development
Cercarbano Voluntary carbon certification & registration of GHG Reduction Projects, biodiversity and frameworks creator
Kita Insurance for carbon credit products
Carbon Growth Partners Invest and develop projects, policy advocate, market development
Carbon Farming Carbon Scout Online platform that allows you to quickly assess reforestation, plantation and soil carbon project feasibility on your land.
Carbon Plan Research and reporting for transparency and scientific integrity of climate solutions with open data and tools
Emission Reduction Fund Austrailia Government will purchase lowest cost abatement (in the form of Australian carbon credit units) from a wide range of sources, providing an incentive to businesses, households and landowners to proactively reduce their emissions.
Aquagreen Sewage Sludge to pyrolysis biochar project
Carbon Credits Education, News
Carboniferous Carbon Dioxide Removal. Sequestration in deep hypersaline anoxic basins. Sequestering 1Gt+ of CO2 per year.
Carbon 180 org Policy, education, resources US
Carbon Equity Climate Investing Investing Carbon negative solutions and newsletter
Carbon Inteeligence Manage, track, and reduce supply chain emissions platform; net zero planning, engagement, optimization, resource library
Carbon Gap Removal Information
Carbon Price Dashboard Market information from World Bank
Carbon Mapper Information, research, observation, methane detection
Cedara Carbon intelligence platform, reporting, & marketplace
Removement Carbon Removal Platform, Market, Funding partner, adviser
Carbon Market Institute Education
Carbon Market Watch EU market information
Carbon Monitor Carbon Monitor is an international initiative providing for the first time regularly updated, science-based estimates of daily CO2 emissions
Carbon Offset Guide Information, research
Carbon Offsets To Alleviate Poverty (COTAP) Marketplace
Carbo Culture Industrial scale biochar
Carbon Plan Information, research
Carbon Test Credit platform, efficiency
CarbFix Carbon Dioxide storage company with 96,000+ tons injected underground since 2014
Climate Action Reserve (California CLimate Action Registry) Created in 2001 for the California Renewable Energy Market. Protocols, Inventories, standards and controls. Market & Registry
Carbon To Stone Carbon mineralization of industrial emission/waste ( with Frontier [Shopify/Stripe)
Carbon To Soil Marketplace app
Celo Carbon fund , blockchain, web3
Cervest Earth Compliance
Calyx Global Carbon Project rating
Charm Industrial Carbon removal at industrial scale ( with Frontier ) Https://
Cloverly Technology platform carbon management enterprise level, ESG support, API porducts
Change Climate NGO Non profit carbon emission certification and assistance
Climate Accountability Institute Research
CO2 (Time) Portfoilio funder of projects
Climate Action Reserve REC Volunteer Marketplace, education, registery, compliance
Climate Collective Web3 Web3 Carbon removal projects and market
Climate Robotics Credit / Project Development, research, technology
CNaught Marketplace, analysis
Corporate Carbon Australian Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) often agricultural methods projects, Australian marketplace
Cool Earth Rainforest Carbon Projects
CTrees Robust Carbon Measurement of forests all over the globe - MRV products
Crew Enhanced Weathering Carbon Removal waste water
Earth Fund Dao Faciliates DAO creation
EcoRise Dao Connects agribusiness to carbon credits
Ebb Carbon Ocean Direct Carbon Removal project technology ( Chemistry)
Ekos Carbon Credit and Biodiversity Offset Credit / Project Development
Ecologi Marketplace, integration
Earthshot Labs Soil Carbon: regeneration, rewilding/reclamation, research, Credit /Project Development, Offsets marketplace
Eion Carbon Removal by rock weathering
Ellen MacArthur Foundation Major Grant and Circular NGO ellenmacarthurfoundation
Flowcarbon Web3 Carbon markets, projects
Food & Trees for Africa Plant trees in Africa, offset purchase, project support
Frontier Carbon Solutions Industrial - well transportation and storage solutions - partner for DAC and abatement
Footprint Network Calculator
Forest Trends Forest carbon project management
ForestsDAO LLC Web3 Carbon markets, projects
Frontier Fund Stripe, Alphabet, Shopify, McKinsey, Meta Financing early solutions
GaiaDAO Web3 Carbon markets, projects
Gain Forrest Web3 NGO rain forrest projects carbon as NFT funding projects, analysis, reporting, transparency
Gold Standard Projects, marketplace, research
Global Thermostat A pioneer, solid adsorption process uses highly efficient fans to blow air through proprietary contactors that bind to CO2, which is then separated out with low-temperature heat.
Klimate Platform, analysis, corporate level, carbon Removal marketplace, finance
Mission Zero Ion-selective electrochemical separation process that continuously and efficiently scrubs CO2 from our air (X prize winner with 44.01)
Honnold Foundation Community solar NGO carbon credits
Heirloom DAC Carbon removal, technology, cedit marketplace
Isometric Verification and registery
InPlanet Enhanced Weather Carbon Removal
Kilma Dao Web3 Carbon markets
Kodama Thinning US forest biomass waste burial projects to create credits and prevent wildfires
Lanza Tech Nasdaq Carbon Capture and Transfer - Recycling waste emmssions+bacteria= fuels & materials
Leaf Coalition Nature-based project dev and credit market. Lowering Emissions by Accelerating Forest Finance (LEAF) Coalition’s goal is to halt deforestation by financing large scale tropical forest protection
Mast Reforestation Reforestation, Carbon Removal Credits Web3 Brazil Carbon Credit projects, analysis, market, NFT
Open Carbon Practice Project Development
CDR FYI CDR participants to ensure accurate, trusted reporting for their purchases, deliveries, and verifications.
Climate Trade Developer of carbon credit and biodiversity credit products
Living Carbon Innovative plant derived carbon removal projects
Lithios Carbon Mineral weathering by spreading basalt on croplands to increase dissolved inorganic carbon with eventual storage as ocean carbonates
MilkyWire Platform/Marketplace/compliance/reporting/funds
Native Marketplace, matches buyers to projects, offsets, credits
Negative Emissions Platform Brussels based industry group focused on DAC and policy
Net Zero Marketplace by SalesForce Browse carbon credit projects with top third-party ratings.
Nori Web3, Carbon Removal Credits, development, transparent market, business, individual
Noya DAC energy conscious, modular carbon removal and credits
Open Earth Foundation Research
OpenAir A collective for carbon removal education, challenges, and communication
Pachama Carbon Credit offset marketplace, Credit /Project Development, AI science analyst, regenerative, reforestation, protection
Patch Marketplace, buyer seller management saas
Puro (a Nasdaq Company) Innovative carbon REMOVAL credits, standards, projects, analysis, measurement, development
Regen Network Web3 Biodiversity Credits ( not carbon) origination, investment Rainforest carbon projects, marketplace
RepAir Direct Carbon Capture DAC
ReCarbn Develops direct air capture technology using a circulating sorbent process reducing energy consumption
Sea Fields Sargassum Aquaculture, upwelling, ocean carbon removal - havesting and processing onboard ships, remove nutrients then sink carbon
Renoster Bringing deep transparency to nature-based carbon projects through high-quality, in-depth reviews
ReSeed Farm Web3 Soil Carbon Credits, carbon measurement, project finance, registration, marketplace, Credit /Project Development
Respira Financing and marketing impact conservation carbon projects
Running Tide Ocean aquaculture (micro algae shellfish) based Carbon Removal, ocean health science research, nutrient abatement. Project amplification.
Rubicon Carbon Platform marketplace to explore, purchase, manage, and retire carbon credits with enterprise-grade custody, security, and support
Living Carbon Carbon removal credits through enhanced tree genomics and reforestation
Normative Carbon platform to see emissions, plan reductions, and achieve net zero. Offering complete and custom service to analyze data and create strategy with Normative consultants
Paebbl Carbon Storage, on-site CO2 mineralization process for industry emissions & DAC
Salesforce Net Zero Marketplace, education
Sea trees NGO support for blue carbon project, science, kelp, mangroves
Offstream Easy to use carbon credit estimator for carbon project developers
Solid World DAO Web3 Carbon markets, Credit /Project Development
South Pole Carbon Credit / Project Development, consulting, education, management, analysis
Sylvera Marketplace, ranking, analytics, compliance
Submarine MRV Ocean CRD
SeaO2 Carbon Dioxide removal from the ocean using chemistry, stripping CO2 from acidified molecules and storing (CCS) or selling (CCU) the CO2
Sustainable Travel Marketplace, education
Terrapass Marketplace, Credit / Project Development, monitoring, verification
Terraset Non Profit donation site buying DAC and providing tax documents. Charm Heirloom Frontier CarbonPlan
TradeWater Developer of Hyrdocarbon Methane Refridgerants and other GHG pollutant projects ( CARB and VERRA registered) Patagonia Moonshot Snacks
The Carbon Underground Information, projects, soil
Tau Carbon Dry biomass aboveground storage Web3 Carbon markets, projects
Remora Carbon Scrubbing carbon directly from semi trucks on the road, compressing CO2 gas for underground sequestering
US Biochar BioChar industry group facilitating credit projects
Verified Carbon Standard (VERRA) Verification, accreditation, research, information, education
Xpansiv CBL Carbon market infrastructure for registering, managing, trading, settling, retiring, analyzing, and reporting assets
Wren Projects, Marketplace
International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) Industry group for transparent market since 1999
Noble Thermodynamic Systems, Inc. Carbon Free Power Generation
Science Based Targets Provides companies with a clearly-defined path to reduce emissions in line with the Paris Agreement goals.
Allied Offsets Database of projects, transparency projects, comprehensive dashboard of registries and projects for use by developers and marketplaces
International Biochar Initiatives Platform for fostering stakeholder collaboration and standards
Vaulted Deep Frontier Funded ( Shopify Strip Lower Carbon) sequesters wet organic ag waste slurry in deep rock formations capped by cement
Flint Pro MRV ( Measurement, reporting, verification ) Land based carbon projects based in Denver helps quantify emissions and removals for land based solutions / assets, offers risk and historical assesments
MSCI Carbon Credit investment research