LCA Life Cycle Analysis Tools List

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Name Description Link
SimaPro A widely used professional tool for detailed LCA modeling with a comprehensive database. Supports multiple languages and various impact assessment methods. SimaPro
GaBi A user-friendly LCA tool with extensive databases and modeling capabilities, suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners. GaBi
OpenLCA A free, open-source LCA software known for its accessibility and flexibility. Supports various LCA methods and multiple databases. OpenLCA
Umberto Combines LCA and Material Flow Analysis (MFA), known for visualizing material and energy flows. Suitable for comprehensive sustainability assessments. Umberto
CMLCA (Chain Management by Life Cycle Assessment) Developed by Leiden University, this tool is designed for complex modeling in life cycle sustainability analysis, often used in academic and research settings. CMLCA
eToolLCD A web-based LCA tool focused on the construction industry, useful for assessing the sustainability of buildings and infrastructure projects. eToolLCD
Footprinter Geared towards businesses looking to improve their environmental footprint, offering solutions for product, supply chain, and corporate footprinting. Footprinter
LCA Calculator Aimed at designers and manufacturers, this tool provides a simplified approach to LCA for quick assessments of products and materials. LCA Calculator