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Standards reporting services and tools. Measurement. Reporting. Verification. Consulting. Tools for organizations. ESG. **Add your favorite MRV Tools / Platforms (you can also key word search) ** 1) Press edit (TOP BAR), 2) click the last row's cell > 3) click the blue shaded cell ">" 4) click "Insert Row Below" to add a new row below 5) double tap in the cell to type.

Tools List
Source About Web Notable
Ditch Carbon Startup tool to decarbonize supply chain
Plan A Your entire net-zero journey in one comprehensive platform. Measure, report, and reduce your emissions with the guidance of leading carbon accounting and decarbonisation experts. Help measuring. ( Based in Europe )
Epoch All in one platform to monitor through scope 3 & beyond partnering with Google Cloud to capture the best possible reporting and measurment
Aclymate Carbon Nuetral Platform for small business ( affordable) Saas
Brightest Platform and software to easily integrate data into reporting. Enterprise level. Scope 3. Carbon offset and credit supplier Notably incorporates other platforms like Shopify, Zapier etc... Used by Starbuck,Unilever
Watershed Full service platform ( Think Tax software Q&A for regulations), marketplace for carbon credits, enterprise level. Planning and measurment services. Scope 3 development. Based in San Francisco
ESG GO simple AI powered corporate sustainability reporting software, auto creates co emissions from standard calculators and supplies a graph
AClima Hyperlocal air pollution measurement & analysis
Kayrros Satellite and AI technology company serving measurement for methane and GHG remote monitoring and credit marketplace.
Spark Climate A 501(c)3 non-profit, Spark is both a doer and a funder. Our scientists and engineers collaborate directly with leaders in these emerging fields, and we also offer grants to further the work of impactful organizations in these fields.
Diligent ESG and Carbon Managment withing management for a complete suite of corporate diligence and reporting services across governing bodies and business operations, including financial cap table , supply chain and board
Meta Carbon Measure, Reduce, Offset, Communicate your carbon footprint. Meta Carbon helps brands engage their audience authentically on what they're doing to address climate change. With a focus on SMEs, Meta Carbon provides a cost effective and relatively easy way to measure your carbon footprint.
GreenPlaces Platform for planning and managing net zero goals
Cambio Focusing on taking real estate to net zero - decarbonization and measurement solutions platform
Science Based Targets (SBTi) Provides companies with a clearly-defined path to reduce emissions in line with the Paris Agreement goals. Many case studies of validate paths to net zero - Large Corporations
Choose The CHOOOSE platform provides tools for integrating climate action into any customer experience through automated emissions calculations, dynamic sustainability scores, climate program reporting, and a vetted marketplace of carbon removals, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and offsets.
Carbon Hound Business Saas and link to consultants
ClearTrace Enterprise scale granular carbon accounting and tracking and energy management with incorporation into reports and marketing
Persefoni Enterprise level , net zero planning, corp integration, scope 3, benchmarking, carbon tracking
GHG Protocol Education and tools for companies. Establishes comprehensive global standardized frameworks to measure and manage greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from private and public sector operations, value chains and mitigation actions.
International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) SASB A leading standard seen on ESG reports of major companies. an independent non-profit, whose mission is to develop and disseminate sustainability accounting standards that help public corporations disclose material, decision-useful information to investors.
Sinai Enterprise-level platform. Abatement first, compensation last. Reach net zero targets following the Science Based Targets guidelines and principles. Decarbonization Intelligence Portal
MRV Collective Nature Based MRV accelerator
Emitwise Enterprise level all in one for complex supply chains
Carbon Chain Enterprise level portal and platform for a variety of sectors
Sweep Enterprise-level portal and platform for a variety of sectors
Greenly Enterprise-level portal and platform for carbon tracking and net zero planning.
The Climate Service Enterprise-level portal and platform for carbon tracking and net zero planning
Normative Enterprise-level portal and platform for carbon tracking and net zero planning. Carbon accounting and reporting specialist
TreeMetrics ForestHQ from Treemetrics is a Climate-Smart Forest Management Platform. Management made simple – trust and confidence for your forestry data
Genetian machine learning and remote sensing data to generate ecological assessments, evaluating biodiversity and nature-based systems.
GRI Global Reporting Initiative standard for environmental reporting ( oldest circa 1997) 5/23 ~10,000 Participants
EU CSRD (ESRS) Required for: EU companies with 500+ employees and/or that are publicly traded 5/23 ~50,000+ Participants
TCFD Taskforce on CLimate Related Disclosures The Financial Stability Board created the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) to improve and increase reporting of climate-related financial information. 5/23 ~2600 participants
ISSB (IFRS) Created at COP26 International Sustainability Standards Board 5/23 In development
CDP Carbon Disclosure Project CDP is a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts. ~20 years old 5/23 ~9,600 participants
SASB (Value Reporting Foundation) CDP, CDSB, GRI, IIRC and SASB announced a shared vision 5/23 ~800 participants
Cecil Earth Data infrastructure for natural assets 6/15: 2,500+

Forestry, agriculture & wetland assets; 3.5M

Hectares under management; 81

Carbon & biodiversity methodologies; 21


Eco-Shaper platform for enterprise carbon and standards reporting Europe
Smarthead platform reporting
Scope3 Scope 3 emissions focused on advertisering and media
Key ESG ESG reporting made easier with automated carbon emission discover and reporting metrics of common required frameworks
Crane CRANE is a free tool provided by Prime Coalition and Rho Impact to help you save time and money when considering the impact of your work on climate change. Free carbon impact for business used by many accelerators and startups before using consultants or inhouse
Planet Mark Business certification and cooperation with tools to support business adherance to police changes and reporting Similar to BCorp in certification with additional policy influence in Europe
Persefoni Everything Platform for Climate Management. Measure. Report. Decarbonize. Carbon Accounting

Financed Emissions

Supplier Engagement


Investment Portfolio Engagement

[SCOPE 3 DATA EXCHANGE];SEC Climate Disclosures

Flint Pro MRV ( Measurement, reporting, verification ) Land based carbon projects based in Denver helps quantify emissions and removals for land based solutions / assets, offers risk and historical assesments
ICLEI ICLEI is the first and largest global network of local governments devoted to solving the world’s most intractable sustainability challenges. Our standards, tools, and programs credibly, transparently, and robustly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve lives and livelihoods and protect natural resources in the communities we serve. Similar to the GHGprotocol for cities and governments
Carbon Pilot Carbon Accounting app especially for Biochar