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Tools List
Source About Web
Climate Trace Al Gore associated project interactively mapping CO2 emissons globally
Argonne National Lab Climate Risk and Resilience Portal (ClimRR) Massive compute for location-specific climate risk analysis, powerful enough for local governments to use for assessing climate risk. Temperatures, wind, precipitation, and more in the US only.
Planetary Intelligence open-data platform that recommends best-practices in climate and sustainability solutions by geo-location and local context.

using AI / DI
Reef Resilience Tools for understanding and communicating 20+ ocean climate issues
Topolytics Waste Map Fee Based Service to map data regarding waste streams and management geared to circular economy
C Trees Interactive observation of forest data
Climate Finance Tracker Climate Finance Trackers are designed to help climate funders and ‘ecosystem builders’ better collaborate by easily exploring: who is funding what, who to talk to for shared learnings, where are the gaps, and what type of capital could be most effective where.
Berkeley Earth Data Viz Data visualizations of temperature anomalies and more
Methane Sat interactive satellite space based methane emission tracker
Visual Capitalist / Decarbonization Visualizations to power your presentations
Interconnection FYI Track interconnection queue requests across US ISOs and utilities. Learn what types of projects are being proposed, where, and how long they take to get approved.
ChatGPT Sustainability Strategist GPT on OpenAI trained on best practices for all levels of sustainability action/reporting
Cool Climate A University - Government - Business - NGO Partnership

at the University of California, Berkeley. A research group that develops smart decision-making tools and programs to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
UN BioDiversity Lab Interactive free to access to spatial data and analytic tools as a digital public good;
SDG Transformation Center SDG & Sustainability reports for countries, cities and regions using science based methodologies, and investigations into financing action
Climate Central Interactive map of climate risk ( sea level rise, storms )
Electric Car Mapper density of registered electric vehicle ( could help in planning chargers)
RMI Oil and Gas Emissions Map The Rocky Mountain Institute is a decades old environmental think tank working with govenerment, business, and educators. This interactive map plots global FF emissions
Climate Vulnerability Map Interactive Map of the US by Texas AM and Environmental Defense fund showing hyper local data sets on environmental risk.
Google Sustainability Interactive Data
Marine Protected Atlas Interactive map of the global marine protected areas by the Marine Conservation Inst.
Data Commons Largest knowledge graph for city decision makers
Google Insights Google data tools for urban planners ( how much solar potential? where should we have a park? plant trees?)
Google Earth Map Interactive google maps over time available for api...shows environmental deforestation drought climate change
Climate Change AI Wiki/ Tutorials Education/Training
*TOP SITE* NOAA Carbon Tracker source of original empirical carbon data, global concentrations and sources.
NASA Interactive Data
Climate (US) Interactive Data
Reforestation Map One Tree Planted Interactive Data
Cool Climate Carbon Footprint etc Maps Berkley Interactive Data
Carbon Dioxide Removal Map Interactive Map of

removal projects and organizations
Carbon Mapper - Methane Tracker Interactive Data
Cambridge Uni. University Hub Focusing campus skills on zero emissions
World Resources Inst Massive Climate Visualization for report global resources including coral forests, solar installations, crop expansions Interactive Data
World Database on Protected Areas UN funded database listing conserved areas around the globe, searchable or interactive; protected areas reviewed for effectiveness
GHG calculation tool for cities Calculator
Food Waste Policy Tracker Harvard & ReFed Search for US local and federal food waste related policy
Company Plan Tool for Business ESG Reporting Business Reporting
Open Source Carbon and Sustainability Calculator Calculator
UN International Panel on CLimate Change Reports Scientific Reports
UN IPCC Sustainable Development Goals Beginning place for basic negotiated global goals/standards
Forest Trends Interactive map of global reforestation project
World Bank Carbon Pricing Interactive Map
The Gold Standard Major Registry & Guide, Carbon Projects Certification
Verra Registry Major Registry of certified carbon and impact projects
Rho Impact Crane Tool Prime Coalition Free tool assessing emissions and impact starups to corporations
2030n Carbon Footprint Calculator for products Tool to measure the carbon impact of a product ( great for small business)
Global Forest Watch Interactive Map of global deforestation/ places actively being watched. Net Changes. Dashboards. Fires.
Carbon Plan CDR Verification
Carbon Plan Interactive Map Seaweed carbon
Cal CARB Interactive GHG emissions Map ( reporting tool and guides)
Carbon 180 Policy Tracker List of US policies in dev
Web3 Climate Map Interactive Map of WEB3 tech and carbon credits
Real Climate Science Journalistic presentation of science by scientists
Trust For Public Land Interactive US Map of Carbon assets (Forest)
CDR FYI Carbon Removal Delivery Transparency project with attempt for capturing all direct capture project numbers
MIT Simulator Projects warming degrees based on individual sliders user controls
OpenAir Collective deep collection of resources for carbon removal education
EDF interactive City tool of utility leaks
Lucid energy incentive finder app search for incentives in your US area
Speed and Scale John Doer Interactive Dashboard on 10 things to get to net zero; global progess and measurement charted and described
Solar Impulse Curated database of eco solutions available for consumers and entrepreneurs
Carbon Price Dashboard Carbon market data interactive with globe from World Bank
IEA Global Methane Tracker Mostly a report
Center for climate security and risk Areas of extreme weather deserving military action
CTVC IRA tax tracker table of IRA tax incentives
Norton Rose Fulbright Production and Investment tax reduction cheat sheet ( 2023 )
Science Based Targets Provides companies with a clearly-defined path to reduce emissions in line with the Paris Agreement goals.
Net Zero Tracker Tracks the progress of nations towards their net zero goals. How is your country doing?
Crane CRANE is a free tool provided by Prime Coalition and Rho Impact to help you save time and money analyzing company impact
Offstream Carbon Credit Calculator for carbon project developers
WRI Aquaduct Tools to identify global water resource issues Flood, Agriculture risks, drinking
WRI Forest Monitoring Global Forest Watch Deforestation alerts, inventory, with an amazing amount of biodiversity and forest type overlays ( Mangroves)
WRI Energy / Resources Maps Intense global interactive maps with layers for energy generation types and demand and emissions
WRI Urban Shift platform
Carbon glossary of terms By Carbon Brief a glossary so that you can be conversant in carbon quickly
Climate Cabinet Scorecard US climate policy tracker, and specifics about local elected official, and ROI for investment into campaigns